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2010-06-25 17:11:09 by Broguts

I'm a gonna start a band, we will be a satire of death metal, I will be dressed as cobra commander, someone will be the gorn, someone will be voltron, and someone will be mumbron.

Just thought you would like to know.


I need a good artist for my graphic novel!!!

2010-02-13 13:20:42 by Broguts

I need:
1: Needs to like warhammer 40,000
2: needs to be able to draw massive battle scenes
3: needs to have an art level greater than that of Timmy from south park
4: needs to be able to follow instructions

example of what I accept:

I need a good artist for my graphic novel!!!

alpha protocol

2009-07-28 22:13:23 by Broguts

looks fricken awesome I have pre ordered it a gamestop anyone else want it?

warhammer 40k

2009-07-25 17:42:35 by Broguts

anyone play? IT IS MY LIFE! http// this site has everything 10% off

Hey everybloody

2009-07-05 22:29:46 by Broguts

hey new guy here just pondering getting flash but here are a few qustions before I do 1 how much is it? 2 will vista be able to run it? 3 how difficult is it to use? 4 could I do something warhammer 40k related with it? here is something to cheer everyone up

Hey everybloody